Rekless Has Reportedly Dumped Ethic & We Have Mixed Feelings

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2020 might just be the end for Gengetone pioneers Ethic and we’re not sure whether it’s a good or bad thing.

Word on the street says that Rekless has reportedly dumped the group and wants to focus more on his solo projects.

According to sources, the group’s current woes started when he started doing solo projects with other artistes.

“The whole thing brought issues even amongst themselves. I think the rest feel like he has abandoned the group and is working on building his own brand rather than Ethic’s.” the source revealed to us.

Rekless recently dropped his solo tune Deep Down under House of Badass production house despite being signed under a subsidiary of Universal Music Group; AI Records.

The source also claimed that Rekless is now signed under House of Badass and the bread of Contract at AI Records has landed him in hot soup.

“He is currently working with House of Badass meaning he breached his contract. We are still not sure what next because his current management hasn’t addressed the whole issue.” the source added

Ethic came into the limelight in early 2019 giving rise to the new music genre gengetone with their controversial tune ‘Lamba Lolo’
The group has been the subject of many controversies surrounding their music but have grown to a slightly toned down content in recent times.

Ethic which is set to be dropping an album soon is allegedly falling apart and everyone has opted to pursue their own solo projects.

Source: Ghetto Radio

Gengetone Ethic Issues Apology Over Latest Song


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