7 Songs From Wizkid’s Debut Album We Can Never Forget

Wizkid is practically a household name as it is in Nigeria right now (OBVIOUSLY!).

Everyone, old and young, knows at least one Wizkid song (This may not be proven statistically but you know it’s true) Now, he’s spreading the good news that is Nigerian music to the world and we’re super proud of him.

But we can never forget the solid body of work that was his very first studio album. The album which was called Superstar was released by Empire Mates Entertainment on June 12, 2011, and had sixteen tracks to go.

Here are some evergreen tracks from the album you can and should never forget

1. Don’t Dull

2. Holla At Your Boy

3. Pakurumo

4. For Me

5. Tease Me

6. Love My Baby

7. Scatter The Floor

There are a lot others but these are our favourites.


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