Don’t Discuss Me If You Think I Am Not Relevant – Wiyaala Blasts Bloggers

Ghanaian Afro Pop Singer, Noella Wiyaala has issued a stern warning to Ghanaian Bloggers to exclude her from their entertainment shows if they are of the opinion that she is not good enough as a musician to have an impact in the Ghanaian music industry.

She made the statement while ranting about some ‘displeasing’ happenings in the entertainment industry on social media on July 25, 2020.

“This message is going to industry players, especially those who do the blogging, criticizing and whatever. Please KMJ and JnJ, Asamoah Baidoo and all your whatever, whatever. Whatever, whatever doesn’t mean I’m being rude. But to everybody, if I don’t really count in this industry, or if I don’t count and I have never been counted as part of this industry, then don’t discuss me when you’re talking about the showbiz or show business in Ghana,” she said.

Wiyaala indicated that Bloggers think she is of no value to the industry since she does not portray nudity as some other female artistes do.

“Since the rest of us you think are not controversial enough, we are not showing skin enough, we are not insulting each other enough, we are not attacking each other enough so that you can get something to write, and you can take us to the slaughterhouse or take me to the slaughterhouse, divide me into pieces, say all kinds of manner of things about me or us so that you can have something to talk about,” she continued.


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