This Video Of Diana Marua’s Stepdaughter Mueni Playing With Her Small Brother Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

This video of Diana Marua’s stepdaughter Mueni playing with her small brother is so cute.

There is nothing as sweet as watching siblings get along especially when they are being raised in blended families.

Diana Marua, Bahati’s wife, had everything to smile about when her little baby boy Majesty Bahati was playing with her stepdaughter Mueni.

Isn’t this so cute?

The two looked so cute together and the innocence written all over their faces had people believing it is never too late for siblings to make peace and love one another.

Diana recorded a video of Mueni and her baby bro having the time of their lives and the love between her and Majesty was one for the books.

The two siblings were just having a good time.

It was a pure, blissful moment shared between two little ones who cared less about the differences their mums had.

Mueni played the role of a big sister perfectly and embraced Majesty tightly while they both sat on the same chair.

She carried her little brother like a responsible grown up and smiled through it all to show she loved every bit of their bonding session. 

Their bond intensified with time and their eyes lit up whenever they cracked up. “Say hi, say hi, MJ say hi,” adorable Mueni kept urging her brother to say hi to the camera.

A happy Diana chuckled in the background as she watched the two develop a long-lasting relationship that was growing stronger by the day.

Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura was also pleased by the progress and reposted the video on her daughter’s Instagram page.

The Barua singer and Diana started helping out on raising Mueni when the sweet girl went over to their place for frequent sleepovers.

Diana even said in a previous interview she did not mind being referred to as Mueni’s second mum. To her, the little girl is her daughter too and she loves her dearly.

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