“They Are Already Calling You Ugly” Bahati’s Baby Mama Pens Emotional Message To Her Daughter

Bahati’s baby mama wrote an emotional message to her daughter.

Okay the trolling, name calling and trolling little children should stop! Keyboard warriors hiding behind their computers and phone screens should be ashamed for picking on small kids who barely understand anything!

After Mr Seed and his wife came out to reveal that they are a few characters here and there who have been abusing their son Gold; another parent, Yvette Obura has also come out to reveal that she has also been receiving such comments about her daughter.

Yvette Obura wrote an emotional post.

As seen on her post, Yvette Obura not only poured out her heart to the young girl; but also shared a few tips teaching her daughter how she will manage to over look the hate speech and hate on social media once she is older.


Reading through the post, one can’t help but hold back their tears as Ms Yvette reveals how cruel social media users have since become.

She wrote;

You’ll understand even in your silence; you will still be castigated. But in all these mama, live your purpose.Be ugly,fat,thin, disabled but never forget to appreciate God for HIS doing.It’s a cruel world out here mama, people learnt to spread hate more than love without them thinking about other people’s emotions but it will always be you against the world.

Calling her ugly.

What caught many people’s attention is the fact that there are those who have been calling Mueni Bahati ugly. Not quite sure whether this is because Bahati’s other children are light skinned – but if you ask me…. Mueni is gem and her skin tone is what makes her an African princess. Anyway Yvette went on to add saying;

Your life is out there as you grow up be ready for everything that will be thrown at you, they’re already calling you ugly but in my eyes you’re the most beautiful person . ????Be like mummy a weak woman with a strong GOD.I love you mama @mueni_bahati,

Keyboard warriors!

Well we all know that cowards don’t pick on people their size and unfortunately today we have to face idiots who throw shade at small children! What a shame!

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