Video: Njugush’s Son Tugi, Hilariously Asks Mom To Remove Boring Wig

Entertainers Njugush (Timothy Kimani) and wife Wakavinye’s (Celestine Ndinda) son Tugi has hilariously asked his mom to remove her wig saying it is boring him.

In a short clip shared on Wakavinye’s Instagram account, the two-year-old can be heard calling the wig “farasi”, meaning a horse.

The boy and his mom were seemingly having a good time and then…He dropped the bomb.

“Please remove this hair. It is boring me. Remove this horse’s hair,” Tugi said.

Wakavinye asked Tugi if he actually called her hair “farasi” and the young lad boldy said “Eeh” for Yes!

Some time back, Tugi bumped into his mother while she was applying a beauty mask on her face.

Wakavinye was recording a video while doing her daily skincare routine at the time.

A curious Tugi asked her what exactly she was trying to do.

The comedian’s wife answered that she was wearing a face mask.

But she burst out laughing when Tugi asked if she was protecting herself from coronavirus.

She explained to her son that this was a different kind of mask.


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