Njugush In Instagram Brand Fight With Bonfire Adventures

Comedian Njugush has found himself in an ugly brand fight with business rival Bonfire Adventures following a video he shared while on tour at the Mara.

Njugush who is the brand ambassador for Bountiful Safaris was on tour at the Maasai Mara National Park with his wife Wakavinye and son, Tugi.

He kept his fans updated on the events of the trip while sharing photos and videos of their game drive on his social media accounts.


Unfortunately, one of the videos was pulled down after Bonfire Adventures filed a complaint against the entertainer to Instagram.

The video Njugush had shared featured a tour van that was stuck in the mud at the Mara Reserve, on Thursday, July 16.

Coincidentally, the van was Bonfire Adventure’s and Njugush and his team just happened to be passing by.

The father of one continued to film how Bonfire’s van was pulled out of the mud by a van and team belonging to their competitor, Bountiful Safaris.


Business speaking, the video was clearly sending a powerful message to the public even if it was shared innocently.

As expected, Bonfire Adventures was not impressed.

So they demanded that Instagram pulls down the video over infringement of copyright.

The platform honored the complainant’s request while also warning Njugush that he could lose his account.

Njugush’s IG account has bagged over 1.6 million followers since its inception.

Reacting to these events, he wrote:

“Well…good morning, we can all win!!! Smile and be happy.”

Along with Njuguna’s family on the trip was fellow entertainer Abel Mutua and his family.


Here is the video:


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