Victor Ber, Churchill Show’s Creative Director Says Zeddy Has Ruined His Family

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Churchill Show Creative Director Victor Ber has finally spoken following expose by comedian Zeddy terming him a dream killer.

In a detailed interview with Nation, Ber reportedly reached out to Zeddy to address the allegations while stating that someone was behind her pushing for disunity and fallout within Churchill Show.

Further, the creative director faulted Zeddy for dragging his wife and comedian Teacher Wanjiku into the mess adding that he is committed to finding the best talent for the show and does not favour anyone.

Ber is quoted by the publication saying:

“Yes, without a doubt (I will welcome her). Since she wrote those things, I tried to keep it to myself, but she kept posting more and more and it wasn’t until Wednesday (July 8) that I picked up my phone and texted her and she called me back. I know her very well and when you watch the videos, she cannot edit the way they were,”

According to Ber, comedians falling into depression is their own doing for failing to manage fame and the riches that come along with it.

“Churchill sometimes would call me and ask me to make artists toe the line. They might think I am heartless but it is my way of preparing them for what they will encounter when they step on that stage,”

He said.

Churchill show comedian famously known as Kasee was found dead on the roadside in Kinoo, with sources reporting that he was battling depression. He was the third comedian to have passed on under the same circumstances.

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