Local Comedian Confirms That Churchill Has Not Being Paying Them And They Are Barely Surviving

Local comedian confirmed that churchill has not being paying them and that they are barely surviving.

Kenyans are breathing fire on Churchill Show’s founder, Daniel Ndambuki with comedians now backing up the allegations filed against him.

A Churchill show comedian who sought anonymity, shared intimate details about Churchill’s mismanagement of talents through popular YouTuber, Edgar Obare.

Spilling the beans on his Instagram stories, the controversial vlogger shared screenshots of his chats with the anonymous source.

Hello Edgar, for fear of being sacked please hide my identity. Am a comedian at Churchill Show. The rumors spreading about Laugh Industry not paying Comedians is TRUE.

According to the source, their financial situation is so bad, he felt for young talents who have just started and life is proving too hard for them to survive.

Let me tell you, comedians are suffering out here. Some have had their houses locked over rent arrears. Dare the guy to send payslips or whatever he can prove he has paid us. Some of us are surviving coz we have online endorsement deals. Now, think about those upcoming comedians.

Unfortunately though, their complaints were never heard, let alone addressed, having been silenced by threats.

We have been complaining but we are silenced by threats of being fired. Actually, we have been directed to defend the guy on SM. You will not see the bigger brands complaining because of reasons we both know.

Apparently, this is information that Kenyans and the public have not been privy to, because Churchill’s PR team is seamless.

The comedian expressed:

Edgar, I know this won’t even help coz there are no signs of getting paid. I just want people to know the truth. CHURCHILL SHOW IS SCAM.


Explaining further, the undisclosed source pointed out that comedians who have come out of Churchill Show as brands, cannot afford to complain because of the investments Churchill has made in their lives.

This is rubbish… this guy has done so much to these comedians to warrant such, Eric Omondi, hamo chipukizi fred omondi tricky…. just to name a few.

With a case in point:

Look at the likes of YY. This YY used to come to Club native at garden city with his signature red suit and we had to buy him a drink as he tries to perform.

Forget drinks, even fare to events, had to be your own.


Back in 2016, you would be given Kshs 1,000 when you get on stage and if you make it to appear before the TV screens, then you’d be given Kshs 10,000. But just imagine what would happen to you if you never made it to the TV screens????????????????????????????

One might ask, why the big brands never spoke up before they hit fame, and a good example is Eric Omondi, who allegedly also never got paid while at Churchill.

Even Erick omondi said he was never paid while at churchill…he relied on gigs and endorsements…he was actually telling the young guys to stop complaining and use tha platform churchill has provided to better their brand. But I have never understood what is his [Churchill] excuse for not paying guys.

Churchill’s response.

On the 26th of April, Daniel Ndambuki had responded to earlier allegations of mismanaging fans urging the public that ‘time will tell’.

This might have angered his show’s comedians the more, who feel irritated by the daring response.

For his safety and own good, the Churchill Show whistle-blower, divulged:

I decided to use an unknown acc coz sitaki kufutwa. But trust me, you know who i am.

What do you think should happen?

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