Tanasha Donna Breaks Silence After Her Not So Great Event

Tanasha Donna has finally broken her silence after her not so great event.

Diamond’s baby mama has been through the most with everyone attacking her from every corner. Tanasha launched her album recently in Nairobi and ever since rumours have been flying from every corner with some speculating that Diamond has already started cheating especially because he did not attend her event. His reason for not attending her event is that he had a family emergency but there are several allegations against him that have come up after that. Some say that he never gives Tanasha money and that’s why her event was “cheap looking” while others said that Diamond had to go attend his exes party back in Tanzania. Whatever the story really is, there’s no denying that there are signs of trouble in paradise and things are not looking so great.

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Of course anyone who dates Diamond is at a very high risk of being attacked simply because he already has history of cheating and even neglecting his fatherly duties to his children. Tanasha’s fans have been warning her to leave Diamond before he makes her a single mother especially because it seems Diamond’s mother is the one who calls all the shots in his life. But with all the rumours and painful hits that Ms Donna has had to take, she still keeps her head high above the water and has been dealing with matters elegantly. In her recent post on Instagram she finally broke her silence and thanked everyone that attended her event.

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Here’s what she wrote: 

Dont let bitter, judgemental & unhappy people drag you to their level. Instead use their behavior as an example of how NOT to behave and be GRATEFUL you are nothing like them. Leave all to GOD. Let him deal with them, He NEVER DISSAPOINTS. ????????❤️ PS: A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME YESTERDAY & CONTRIBUTED DURING THE MAKING OF MY EP #DONNATELLA . YOU ALL HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU ALL MEAN TO ME. IM GRATEFUL & HAPPY FOR THE AMAZING LOVE & SUPPORT AND MOSTLY GRATEFUL TO GOD. ????????❤️???????? YESTERDAY’s PICS LOADING SOON…. #DREAMBIG #DONTHATE #LOVEALWAYSWINS.

Question is, is she really honestly okay? or is she going to join the baby mama club with Hamisa and Zari?

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