Tanasha’s Reacts After Mama Dangote Tried Stopping Her From Leaving With Her Grandson

Tanasha is now reacting after Mama Dangote tried stopping her from leaving with her grandson.

Tanasha recently unfollowed Diamond on Instagram and after her many posts about dating a narcissist, it seems she’s had enough.

Of course, Mama Dangote is attached to her grandson and she wasn’t too happy about Tanasha’s decision to leave.


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However, at the end of the day, it’s Tanasha’s decision to make and though her baby is still small it seems she’s ready to be a single mum.

Mama Dangote was not on board with this decision.

It turns out, Diamond’s mum, Sandra Sunura a.k.a.Mama Dangote did not want her to leave with Naseeb Junior, her grandson.

Tanasha mama dangote
Tanzanian tabloids report that Mama Dangote had a long push and pull with Tanasha about the 4-month old baby.

Tanasha says goodbye. Tanasha even went on social media and told Mama Dangote that she was leaving, if she wants she can bid her grandchild farewell.

Tanasha actually wrote goodbye on Mama Dangote’s posts which indicates that she could be done for good.


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