Mama Dangote And Her Bae Unfollow Each Other On Instagram After Conflict About Tanasha

Mama Dangote and her bae are facing issues.

Just as Tanasha has decided to pack her bags up and come back to Nairobi another fire is lighting up. Mama Dangote and her bae are having some issues and apparently it’s not looking good.

Word has it that Mama Diamond Platnumz and her young husband Uncle Shamte are also facing relationship issues. It is however unclear as to what sparked the fight between the two love birds.

Apparently Mama Dangote’s hubby took Tanasha’s side.

Everyone knows that Tanasha has finally had it with Diamond and due to that Mama Dangote is unhappy and she’s not too happy with her husband’s decision to side with Tanasha either.

Mama Dangote

However, mama Dangote allegedly ordered Ms. Donna to leave baby Naseeb behind if indeed she wanted to leave.


This is what allegedly angered Uncle Shamte who could not watch the Dangote family harass an innocent new mum just because of her family too far from where she was!

I mean dealing with the Dangote family is honestly just too much work!

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