Size 8 Complains About DJ Mo Denying Her Conjugal Rights For 3 Weeks

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Size 8 and hubby DJ Mo have left netizens in stitches after discussing their love life on TV.

The first episode of ‘Dine With The Murayas’ finally the first episode aired on NTV on Monday night, June 1 and that is how this revelation came out.

Size 8 is starving in the bedroom.

She said:

“Babe, it has been three weeks and we have never been intimate. Every time I call you, you say you are with your boys,”

That statement seemed to have disturbed DJ Mo who complained that being broke in that house was an issue and defended himself saying he was working hard to take care of the family.

“You are the problem in this house, when one is broke that is a problem. If you do not hustle that is an issue. You also know that sometimes when I get home you are always in a t-shirt written seng’enge,”

Said the father of two.

DJ Mo, said he felt offended that his wife was starving and she could not approach him and had to write it on paper instead while on the other hand, the singer said if her hubby would be working hard on her as he does at home, they would not be talking about starvation.

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