Popular City Club Losses Customers After Fallout With DJ

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Do you ever go to a club because a certain DJ is playing there?

Well, word on the street has it that a popular establishment in Nairobi recently lost more than half of it’s regular customers when a DJ walked out on them.

It is said that a payment disagreement between the club and the talented disk jokey was the cause of the nasty fallout.

As it turns out, the club which had grown it’s customer base against the backdrop of the riveting rhumba tunes of DJ Numz, couldn’t afford to pay for his services.

And when the popular hitmix maker stormed out in frustration, customers followed him out the door. Literally.

Speaking to this writer, one of the patrons at the Lavington club said that business was not good without the DJ but they hope to see him on the decks soon.

Kwani how good is he?

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DJ Numz – Leading the Rhumba Explosion in Nairobi’s Party Scene!


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