Mzbel Fights With Top NDC Personality As They Trade Insults Over Mahama

Hibernating Ghanaian artist Mzbel and one lady identified on Facebook as Prissy Ekua Adiepena Hemans, who happens to be one of the opposition NDC’s top supporters, have fought violently on Facebook today.

The back and forth between the two females began when Prissy Ekua Adiepena Hemans published a message on Mzbel’s Facebook that read: “Keep Me Different Lord.” I don’t want to be like them,’ she screamed, slamming the door in her face.

Prissy Ekua Adiepena Hemans, who shared the image on her Facebook page, slammed Mzbel and accused her of being one of the major characters responsible for the NDC’s demise in the 2020 general election due to the ‘papano’ scandal.

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So after Prissy Ekua Adiepena Hemans made this post, Mzbel also shared a screenshot of it on her wall and fired back angrily daring the former to bring it so she tells the whole world why JM was tagged ‘papano’.

Below are screenshots of their banter on Facebook not long ago
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