I Love It When People Share The Nak*d Photos On The Internet – Mzbel

Mzbel, a well-known Ghanaian singer, has weighed in on the issue of people revealing their skin on social media, stating that she sees nothing wrong with it.

Mzbel pointed out that posting naked images is contingent on how the individual sharing the picture looks in it.

“As for me honestly I have nothing against someone taking a nde picture and putting it on social media. It depends on how the person takes the picture for us to conclude that it’s actually nked.

She observed that the term nak3t has lately been misused because, although the individual is normally dressed, it is referred to as unclad.

“Because as for me what I know is that if we say someone is n*ked then that person is not wearing any dress at all.”

“But if certain parts of the body is covered I don’t think that the person is n*ked unfortunately it looks like things are changing now.

Meanwhile, the singer claims that in today’s world, everyone who becomes popular via social media is unfortunately considered a star.


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