MC Jessy Wrote Birthday Message To Shix Kapienga That Left Fans Guessing

MC Jessy wrote birthday message to Shix Kapienga that left fans guessing.

Shix Kapienga has been rumored to be romantically involved with comedian MC Jessy!

Despite the two maintaining their silence about this, we can somehow read in between the lines to see that these two are more than just normal friends!

Sleepy had also posted and mention MC Jessy.

First, when MC Jessy turned a year older just a few weeks ago his close friend and colleague Sleepy David; chose to celebrate his (Jessy’s) birthday by posting a photo of Shix.


This somehow confirmed that indeed MC Jessy has been pushing for more than friendship from the petite lady thanks to the captioned used on the photo by sleepy. He wrote;

Happy Birthday @jessythemc bro sioni picha zetu nimepata tu hii enye ulitupiga all the same keep winning ????

MC Jessy celebrates Shix.

Anyway just a few hours ago, Shix Kapienga celebrated her 33rd birthday – and honesty many can agree that she barely looks like her age!

The young fine mami is definitely gorgeous and for some reason – maybe it’s about time she shared her beauty tips with fans!

Anyway most of her friends were among those who celebrated her as she turned a year older; and truth be told we all waited for Mc Jessy’s post which sadly did not make it to social media.

shix kapienga

However, just a few hours after the birthday…the Churchill raw host finally decided to celebrate his alleged woman in the best possible way. Jessy dedicates a special message to Shix where he wrote saying;

Happy birthday to you @shixkapienga. I wanted to isolate this message from za jana otherwise with this corona, you never know. Ona tu vile yeah alikuwa ametawala yako hizo enzi!

Well this post can not qualify to confirm that the two are an item; but just a by the way….where did he get that portrait of Shix as a young baby?

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