Churchill Responds To Claims That He Has Not Been Paying Comedians

Churchill has responded to claims that he has not been paying comedians.

Veteran Kenyan comedian Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known by his stage name Churchill, on Sunday, April 26, came out to defend himself over allegations that he has been short-changing comedians on his award-winning show.

His name was trending on Twitter for the better part of the day, with numerous claims that he had not been paying some of the comedians on his famous Churchill Showwhich airs on NTV.

However, the renowned comedian took to his Twitter page and responded, going on to invite any aggrieved comedian to come forward.

He tweeted:

One day you will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

When quizzed over claims that comedians on his show were complaining about nonpayment, his response was:

Which one specifically?

None replied to his invite but Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) kept on engaging him following his statement and he actively responded in kind.

Hot 96 FM presenter Francis Kibe aliasRapcha the Sayantistwas roped into the dialogue by some members of KOT, but he swiftly distanced himself from the topic as well as Churchill himself.

Point of correction please the first time I met Churchill he had come to see my stand-up comedy special at Alliance Francaise, kama hivo ndio mmekua mkidanganywa poleni ndugu zangu (if that is the lie you’ve been fed, I am sorry). I was a sitcom comedian and I started stand-up comedy because of Mwafreeka and the help he gave me.

Makarios Ouma alias Mwafreeka is a rapper, actor, TV presenter and film producer famed for his comedic TV show alongside Rapcha on K24 TV, titled Raiyaa.

On his part, Churchill stood his ground and at times countered fiery allegations from KOT with fiery statements of his own.

Churchill responded:

Create a show for them and you will have really helped them.

When pressed to lay out the truth he was referring to:

The truth will destroy the very same comedians I have tried to grow.

He went on to serve up a corrupted line from the famous tuendeleesong by Kleptomaniacs, to explain the genesis of his current situation.

He tweeted:

Lazima utukanwe ndio wajulikane, (they have to abuse you in order for them to get clout.

When quizzed on his cryptic response and why he didn’t just come out and offer a detailed explanation, he quickly pointed that if there was any explanation to be given, it would be given to the comedians in person.

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