Mammito Shares New Photos With Eddie Butita That Are Totally Couple Goals

Mammito has shared new photos with Eddie Butita that are totally couple goals.

Mammito and Eddie Butita have been dating for years; but unlike couples who enjoy parading their relationships on social media – these two have always preferred to stay low key.

Although their they hint about their romantic relationship, the two have never publicly admitted to be involved with each other! Well if anyone missed the signs Mammito was throwing this past weekend; then just know I got you!

Mammito unveils new photos.

While Lokole and Tanasha were busy exchanging bitter words on social media, Mammito was sharing photos from her mini vacation with her bae, Eddie Butita.


As seen on the photos these two comedian compliment each other in ways many can’t explain; and the fact that they met at work leaves many wondering whether they crack up each other while chilling together.

The Butita’s!

With the new photos taken from their getaway we can confirm that indeed Butita and Mammito are officially on a lifetime journey together!


For this reason I bet it wouldn’t hurt if they at least dropped a child or two to show us whose genes are stronger in terms of looks and of course the funny character!

Two comedians in the same hustle.

As they say, a couple that hustles together – stays together then I guess this is true since these two are always out trying to get creative on social media.

Although they rarely work together, I can promise you that they help each other in the background; whether in recording, editing or sharing their videos on social media.

Congratulatory messages.

Anyway thanks to Mammito’s new photos, fans on social media have congratulated Butita for bagging himself a fine lady who is not only beautiful; but has a money making mind and probably one that hustles more than him.

Below are the photos of the couple thanks to Mammito who by the way – must be proud to finally cuddle her man in front of people without hiding.

(H/T Ghafla)


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