These Cute Photos Of Mammito With Eddie Butita Cozzying Up Prove They Have Nothing But Chemistry

These cute photos of mammito with Eddie Butita cozzying up prove they have nothing but chemistry.

Yes we love them and just for as a by the way…Mammito is proving to be one of the most hilarious female comedians we have come to see in the entertainment industry.

However these two have always opted to keep their relationship on the low; but being celebrities, it’s quite hard to keep bloggers away.

A friend of shared by one of their friends.

Anyway, just recently I bumped into a short video shared by one of their friends; and for the first time we finally get to see the two getting cozy together!

Well just by looking at the photos below it’s evident to see the chemistry between the two comedians.

Settling down.

We can however not confirm how serious the relationship is; but having dated for years only means that they are thinking of settling down together in the near future as time is no longer on their side.


Mammito on the other hand seems like one perfect wife material who knows how to keep chasing her own money; unlike most ladies who would prefer to enjoy the lime light without bringing anything to the table!

Butita is hardworking.

Butita has also been chasing his money through his several projects including Campus tours that have helped build his brand. He is no longer just the dark comedian from Kayole but also an artist who has released one project so far.


As many comedians continue to complain about payments – the above couple has since said nothing concerning the matter.

Churchill paying?

This is probably because of their side hustles that have helped generate good  money which helps cover most of their bills; and still invest.

However truth be told, many can’t wait to witness the two walking down the aisle soon…..that is if they finally feel the need to formalize their relationship!

(H/T Ghafla)


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