Diana Marua’s Friend Claims She Stole Her Handbags

Diana Marua’s friend claims she stole her handbags.

Over the last couple of days, there have been rumours spreading that Diana Marua stole handbags belonging to a ‘friend’.

Diana claimed the woman is a former schoolmate who reached out to her from Nigeria.

She invited the woman to her house and a suitcase belonging to the schoolmate was forgotten in the residence.

Two weeks later, the woman turned up to claim the suitcase and alleged that some handbags were missing. She accused Diana of stealing.

Addressing the matter on their YouTube channel, Bahati said.

One thing you should learn to do is be careful with who you engage with, who you want to help because I warned you about strangers, now you see?

Diana responded to the claims and laughed it off instead:

Sijui anasema ni classmate, I laughed and was amused seeing all the rumours about you sawa tuu wenye wako idle, it’s okay we are getting more followers.

Some of her followers in her comments claimed that she used to steal even when she was in high school though no one can confirm if those allegations are true or false.

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