Diana Marua Confessed That She Went Out With Another Man

Diana Marua confessed that she went out with another man.

Diana Marua says she went out with another man but lied to her husband Bahati that she was at her grandmother’s place.

She revealed this on her ‘Truth or Dare’ video on YouTube. Bahati asked Diana to say the biggest lie she had ever told him.

Marua confesses that she went out with another man.

Marua prefaced her answer by telling the singer that at the time, she didn’t believe he was serious about dating her.

Diana Marua

Bahati also asked the mother of his two kids whether she had ever cheated on him but she said she had never cheated on him.

Diana wasn’t the only one who had some deep secrets.

Bahati divulged he had only had three relationships in his life and that he lost his virginity in 2011, while in his final year of high school, to his then-girlfriend called Nancy.

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