Delay Gets Angry “Don’t Compare An ‘Unripe Mango’ Like Me To ‘Old Woman’ Rita Dominic”

Media personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso also known as Delay, has asked critics to desist from mounting unnecessary pressure on her to get married.

This comes after 47-year-old Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic’s plush wedding ceremony went viral on social media.

There has been intense marriage pressure on 37-year-old Delay who has always maintained her stance as a single lady with no child.

Some fans who believe that old age is gradually dawning on her, continually resound the marriage agenda in her ears and Rita’s wedding amplified the entire situation.

Delay blasted

In the wake of discussions surrounding Rita Dominic’s late marriage, a woman on social media took to Delay’s comment section and asserted that she has used Rita’s marriage as a point of contact with God, so she (Delay) can also get her marriage breakthrough.

This particular individual wasn’t spared a savage response, according to a story Delay narrated on a segment of her show.

“Recently Rita Dominic got married and her pictures were all over social media. Not long after, a social media user commented under the post that she prays that God’s favour finds me so I can also get married. She said Rita married at an old age and she believes that because I’m around the same age with her, a miracle will happen to me too. I didn’t spare that lady, I told her to pray for herself and that she needs prayers. I told her to divert the prayers to herself,” Deloris stated on her show.

Describing herself as an unripe mango, Delay who now works at Wontumi Radio added that she shouldn’t be compared to Rita Dominic who is currently basking in her old age.

“I am just like an unripe mango, a young vibrant evergreen lady in my prime. So if one old lady somewhere wants to marry, why do you want to pray for me.”

Earlier, A Plus advised ladies to not be driven by societal pressure only to end up in ‘a sham of a marriage’.

“Don’t keep it at the back of your mind that Rita waited till she was 46-years-old before getting married so you’ll also follow in that stead. In your case, you might wait for thousand years and still not be married. To the girls watching, if you’re currently in a serious relationship with someone, try harder so you guys can get married. If you don’t feel like getting married too, don’t force yourself. You are better off being a side chic than rushing into a bad marriage,” he earlier stated during a discussion on United Showbiz.

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