Twene Jonas Attacks Sarkodie “He Smokes Weed Then Writes Nonsense On Social Media”

Twene Jonas has taken Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie to the cleaners over his bais love for the New Patriotic Party(NPP).

Ever since King Sark praised the NPP in his ‘Happy Day’ song has been careful with his words in conversations concerning the political party.

Unless necessary, Sarkodie will try his best to avoid commenting on national issues which attack the party’s governance and when he does, he beats about the business making him look like a hypocrite.


His allegiance to the ruling NPP party has been criticised by many and now Twene Jonas has added his voice.

Sarkodie was called on by concerned Ghanaians to react like his colleague celebs on the E levy saga but his response did not sit well with many.

The rapper stated that while the E-Levy was not a bad policy, Ghanaians were not willing to pay since the system in the country is not reliable.

Sarkodie said he pays a lot of taxes when he travels to other countries but he does not complain because their systems work but the same cannot be said about Ghana.

He added that many Ghanaians see no need to endorse or pay E-Levy because they have not yet witnessed their taxes being used productively to develop the country.

Twene Jonas did not like Sarkodie’s comment on the E-Levy and revealed why the rapper cannot speak frankly on national issues.

According to Twene Jonas, Sarkodie is in bed with the NPP government, therefore plays on the safe side when it comes to national issues.

Twene Jonas also alleged that Sarkodie and Shatta Wale recieved gifts from the NPP government but Shatta is bold enough to criticise the government when their policies hurt the masses.

He claimed Sarkodie is a secret weed smoker who writes nonsense online when he is high.

Watch him Speak in the video below.


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