Colony Of Ants Attack Man Who Turned Down Witch-doctor’s Daughter

An Embu man was attacked by a colony of ants for allegedly turning down a romantic advancement made to him by a local witch-doctor on behalf of his daughter.

According to a news report, the man rented and moved into the healer’s luxurious residential suites in Kiritiri, Embu County

It is alleged that the witch-doctor has been nagging him to “get close” to his daughter on a romantic adventure that could probably lead to marriage.

According to Taifa Leo, he promised to gift his tenant the said mansion if he took his daughter’s hand in marriage.

However, the tenant turned down the offer on grounds that he was not attracted to and thus was not in love with the lady.

Reports indicate that on that same night, the tenant was forced to take to his heels after a colony of ants attacked him on his bed.

Reports further indicate that the “victim” is allegedly convinced that the ant attack was not a coincidence but a revenge strategy by the mganga for saying no to his daughter.



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