Veteran US Actor Chuck Norris Sues Firm For Using His Name To Sell Sex Drugs

Veteran US actor, Chuck Norris has filed a lawsuit against a company that continues to use his image to sell erectile dysfunction pills.

Back in June, the action star discovered ads where it appeared that he was endorsing Provitra, a pill that supposedly treats E.D. The problem: Chuck has no connection to Provitra.

Chuck’s wife, Gena, is also suing, as her photo was used in part of the online advertisements. Gena, according to TMZ, discovered the ads on the Internet after seeing a headline that read, “A Tragic End Today for Chuck Norris.” In clicking on the headline, Gena was then taken to another site. This one, she says, was mocked up like a Fox News article and included a picture of her and Chuck. That headline read, “Big Pharma In Outrage Over Norris’ New ED Product…Chuck Kicks Back With This!”

The phony article said Chuck “revealed his new Erectile Dysfunction cure on the Dr. Phil Show,” which is blatantly false.

In the lawsuit, Chuck and Gena say the company behind the ads which they believe goes by several names, including Bio-Molecular Solutions and Biogenetics — hasn’t received permission to use their names, nor has it compensated them in any way.

Chuck and his wife are seeking damages from the company and want it to stop making false representations about them, TMZ says, citing the lawsuit.

This type of thing is unfortunately becoming familiar to Chuck. Last year he was locked in a battle with a different company using his name in scam advertisements.

Source: MSN


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