Nigeria Files Lawsuit Against China Over Coronavirus

The global coronavirus outbreak has dealt a big blow to almost every country across the globe.

The new normal that has accompanied the crisis has negatively affected world economies as nothing seems to be going on as usual.

Flights are not moving, restaurants are not operating, football matches are being played behind closed doors and religious activities have been halted.

Since the outbreak, China has been criticized and blamed by several countries for not being able to initially put the situation under control.

Passengers line up for the first trains out of the city
Zhang Chang | China News Service | Getty Images

For instance, the US being one of the most hardest hit countries explicitly declared its intention to file a lawsuit against the Asian country for creating the coronavirus.

In a recent development, Nigeria seems to have joined the school of thought who are bent on bringing China down as the main culprit for the global pandemic.

A group of 11 Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs) and other lawyers led by Professor Epiphany Azinge (SAN) has filed a lawsuit against China over coronavirus pandemic demanding $200billion compensation.

The lawyers claim that the COVID-19 pandemic was due to China’s negligence.


Reports indicate that the defendants listed in the lawsuit include the Peoples’ Republic of China, Communist Party of China, Minister of Justice China, Minister in charge of the National Health Commission, National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan Institute of Virology and Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.


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