Bridget Otoo Amost Burns Herself After Frying Fish For First Time, Video Drops

On-screen persona Bridget Otoo has herself in hot water after she was shown in a video attempting to cook fish in her kitchen but seemed to be having difficulty doing so.

The media celebrity was seen in the kitchen cooking in a video seen by on her official Facebook profile.

She was spotted placing fresh fish into a frying pan, but she was doing it with caution, as if she was scared of getting burned by the oil.
Bridget Otoo was seen scurrying for cover after every fish she placed in the frying pan in what looked to be a hilarious video.
The news presenter stated that it was her first time cooking and that she opted to start with fish frying.

She added that from the looks of it, cooking was not her thing and added that she was never going to step foot in the kitchen again but rather focus on her books and business.

Bridget Otoo thanked one Chef Abena for offering to teach her how to cook. After posting the video, the Metro TV star captioned it:

“For the first time in my life, I learned how to fry fish. Cooking isn’t for me, I won’t do it again, I just want to focus on my books and business. Thanks to Chef Abena for teaching me how to fry fish.”


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