Evelyn Addo: Nina Of Home Sweet Home Gets Married, Beautiful Photos Drop

Evelyn Addobea Addo, better known as Nina in the hit TV show Home Sweet Home, has married.

The details of Nina’s wedding are unclear, although the event took place a few days ago, according to OMGVoice.com. A snapshot from the actress and her fiance’s traditional wedding has just leaked on social media.

Nina is clothed in a white lace garment in the snapshot, which was obtained by OMGVoice.com, and her companion is also clad in a white kaftan. As they smiled and posed for the photo, the newlyweds appeared to be overjoyed.

Playing the role of Nina, the little daughter of the late Kojo Dadson in the popular television series (sitcom), she endeared herself to many viewers.

Even though she has not been very active in acting in her adult life, she still commands a lot of interest on social media.


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