‘Rumored’ Sugar Mummy Akumaa Mama Zimbi Storms Social Media With Her New Gym Instructor

Akumaa Mama Zimbi, a rumored sugar mommy and media personality, is now causing quite a stir on the internet.

The media celebrity appears to have moved her love show, ‘Odo Ahumaso,’ to social media and has been tempting her followers with amorous material.

Regardless of what Is says about her, Akumaa Mama Zimbi isn’t done rocking the gram. Following Little’s death, she has shared a photo of a muscle builder who is thought to be her new gym instructor.

Josh Ansah is Akumaa’s gym instructor’s name. In the prhoto, he is dressed in black leggings, exposing his ripped body.

He is seen standing on a rock at a falls displaying his muscles, his six packs and his physical strength.

This comes after the death of the Tantra Hill Gym Instructor, Little who according to reports was Akumaa’s toy boy.

Akumaa trainer


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