Ladies, Avoid Pregnancies for Irresponsible Men- Beryl Wanga Hilariously Narrates Past

Beryl Wanga Itindi is advising her fellow women to avoid pregnancies for irresponsible men before marriage.

In a lengthy post that has been making rounds on social media since last Friday, the Eve Magazine columnist hilariously narrates how important it is to be pregnant alongside a self-respecting man.

“I didn’t say you go for the rich men, forget about the sleek car, the burger and the ice-cream, those ones we can do without. Concentrate on the moral of the story, RESPONSIBLE MEN. That’s what matters.” She concluded.

Sharing her painful past personal experience on being pregnant and alone at a prenatal clinic visit, Beryl highlights some differences. Those between many other women in her position and the women with “responsible” and financially capable husbands.

“Beautiful young ladies used to arrive in sleek cars with their husbands…Then there was me. Me together with those who fall in my category. First of all, we would be dropped by loud dusty matatus 167Km away from the hospital.” She detailed the story.

Beryl 1

She was keen to point out a number of things that her followers on the post found to be both hilarious and relatable.

Beryl 2

Beryl notes the challenges of many expectant young women in the society today.

Whereas many strive to do what is best for them and their unborn, many of them lack the basic support from their male counterpart.

If you have ever been pregnant, you will recall all the challenges that came with it. Maybe even how you were too fatigued to do anything.

Beryl 3

The lady who has since won the admiration of many added an old photo of herself when she was pregnant and struggling, to back her story.

Beryl Itindi
Beryl Wanga Itindi, Source: Facebook

“Pale clinic things are tough. If you are weak, you will cry a river. But if you have a steel heart like me, you will take photos for the memories.”

The post has attracted massive following and reactions with over 2,000 shares.


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