Betty Kyallo Now Showers Praise On Ex-Hubby Dennis Okari

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It looks like Betty Kyallo and ex-hubby Dennis Okari have finally buried the hatchet if her recent interview with Jalang’o is anything to go by.

In a case of Saul turned Paul, media personality Betty Kyallo praised her ex-husband, NTV news anchor Dennis Okari, saying he is a wonderful father.

This comes just six months after NTV news anchor Ken Mijungu accused Kyallo of portraying Okari as an irresponsible father.

Betty, who quit K24 last week, revealed that the two have since mended fences and are now on speaking terms as they focus on the most important person in their lives: their daughter Ivanna.

“Right now I’ve grown so much…the person who used to be Betty two or three years ago is not the same person I am today. There are things that we came to realize are very important about our lives; that it’s not just always about us as adults,”

She said.

According to her, both their families are in good terms including Okari’s current wife Naomi Joy.

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