Singer Vivian Goes Bald Days After Disclosing Her Struggling Relationship

Just days after coming out to say that she is not well and that she is struggling in her relationship, singer Vivian has posted a photo of herself fully shaved.

On the photos, she shared on her social media platforms, Vivian attached a lengthy caption that had cryptic texts in between.

She however recognizes that some of the things she is experiencing in her life were beyond her power to control.

“I realized that no matter what I did or what I said and how unprepared I was for the changes in my life that it was completely above my power. So instead of searching for worldly comfort, God necessitated that I yearn for Him. It was very strange. And on those days I get into despair over my past life, my upbringing, and other pains I force myself to shift focus. I am not sure about the future and this message is not for critics or wajuaji,” Vivian wrote.


Before she put the post up on her socials, Vivian had earlier on October, 14 shared out that things were not working out well with her husband, Sam West saying although she has been getting support, she has not been well and that she sometimes does crash

“I am not well. I have been getting support but sometimes I crash. My heart is so heavy. Someone left us and now hates us. I’ve been trying to rebuild but I’ve been wondering why. Please pray for me because I’m still a mother,” she posted on October 14.

Vivian also put a post saying when a woman shaves her head she means shedding off all manner of negativity.

Vivian who seems to have turned out to God if anything is to go by her post says it seems God was intending that she yearn for Him and not go after worldly matters.

Although she did not completely come clear on why she shaved her hair it might be a clear indication that she wants to have a whole new start after the new turn of events and her struggling relationship.

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