Guinness World Records Officially Declares Monday As Worst Day Of The Week

Guinness World Records (GWR) has officially announced Monday as the worst day of the week.
GWR took to Twitter on Monday saying

“we’re officially giving Monday the record of the worst day of the week.”

This lies on the premise of Monday being perceived as a slow and boring day by many as it succeeds the weekend where many always opt for a myriad of avenues to unwind.

Guinness World Record

The announcement sparked comments from Tweeps some poking fun at it.

“I take Mondays off just for this reason,” commented Jimmy Mcgill.

“Funny but actually true,” said Krypo Knight.

“Never hated Monday so much till today,” said another tweep.

“Question. Since when wasn’t Monday the worst day of the week in the first place?” posed another.

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