Singer Nandy And Billnass’ Newborn Baby Lands Job Hours After Birth

Singer Nandy and her husband rapper Billnass are more joyed after their newborn baby landed an ambassadorial job.

The couple welcomed their first child on August 31 and their daughter had a job waiting for her just as she came into the world getting a role as the brand ambassador for an insurance company.

The new mother thanked her husband for giving her what she termed as a friend and noted that she had understood the importance of being a mother and the journey to it.

“Kwanza kabisa nimshukuru MUNGU kwa ukuu wake hakika amezaliwa BINTI WA KICHAGA.. nikisema niongee yote sitomaliza leo ila nachoweza kusema NAKUPENDA SANA MAMA maana nimeona umuhimu na ugumu wa kukamilisha kuitwa MAMA, nyie na furaha sijawahi kupata maishani mwangu nilijua nimefurahi na mengi lakini kumbe bado,,,!!! hii ni furaha ya kweli toka moyoni❤️.. MUME WANGU asante kwa zawadi hii asante kwa kunipa BEST FRIEND,” Nandy wrote on her Instagram.


The singer in a previous interview revealed that the pregnancy was not easy and had taken a toll on her and noted that after learning of her expectancy she hated her husband’s friends for no apparent reason.

It’s weird. I don’t like my husband’s friends at all and they know that. They even tell me sometimes; your pregnancy doesn’t like us.

“Sometimes when they call his phone, I pick and tell them, he is taking care of my pregnancy and they should not disturb him (laughs). It just happened. He can tell me that he is hanging out with a certain friend and if I have his phone number I will call him (friend) to remind him that Billnass must be home on time…but then sometimes I ask myself why I’m even bothering him and he is a man who needs to do his own things,” Nandy narrated.

The award-winning singer went on to divulged that another biggest struggle with her pregnancy is crying for no good reason.

Nandy disclosed that she also hates her husband’s perfume and surprisingly it’s a gift she personally gave to him.

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