Pritty Vishy: Stevo Simple Boy Is Not My Claim To Fame

Internet sensation Pritty Vishy now says she worked for her fame.

This, she said while slamming a fan who accused her of being ungrateful to her ex-boyfriend rapper Stevo Simple Boy who is thought to have propelled her to fame.

The fan wrote;

“Who told you you can be rude to Simple Boy? Yeye ata ndio alikupea fame you ungrateful kienyeji.”

Pritty Vishy

She responded saying;

“I worked hard for it, the people who were close to me at that time can testify. Instead, the so-called msanii is the one who is ungrateful here.”

Pritty first gained public traction after she outed her troubled relationship with Simple Boy on her TikTok page.

The video would later go viral, however, shortly after Pritty and Stivo were embroiled in a bitter fallout.

Speaking of their break-up Stevo claimed the relationship ended after a fight about premarital sex when he revealed he was working on staying celibate until marriage.

Stivo firmly stated that he would have to walk down the aisle to consummate his relationship something Pritty was not comfortable with which consequently brought their romance to an end.

“I told her we have to wait until we do our wedding but she could hear none of it. She thought I was too saved/religious,” he stated in an interview with Mungai Eve.

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