She Wanted $ex With Me But I Refused- Stivo Simple Boy On Why He Broke Up With Pritty Vishy (Video)

Talented musician Stivo Simple Boy has unleashed new details on what led to his fall out with ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy. The ‘Freshi Barida’ hitmaker has denigrated Pritty for not being a wife material while they were still in their relationship.

You’d remember vividly how Pritty went on her Instagram to lament about the break-up filled with tears. Stivo Simple Boy wasn’t going back despite Pritty’s cry.

She would later indulge in damage control by claiming that she was already cheating on Stivo with 3 other men while they were together; a despicable revelation that wasn’t received lightly by netizens.

Stivo Simple Boy

This might be one of the ill-behaviours that Stivo noticed. But the biggest one was the fact that her $exual profligacy was too high. Speaking to Mungai Eve on his first club performance, the musician purported that Vishy was too demanding in terms of $ex, but Stivo refuted, adding that he was waiting for marriage before indulging in such;, but Pritty became impatient and decided to go her way.

”… Mi nlisema la! Mpaka ile siku ntaamua tutakuwa kwa ndoa. Na hiyo raha ya ndoa tutafanya. Yeye mwenyewe hakutaka kuskia. Akasema Simple Boy ameokoka sana. Wacha aende kwa mtu mwingine.”

Either way, Stivo Simple Boy and Pritty claim that they have a business kind of relationship for now; and that there’s no bad blood between them.

Watch Stivo Simple Boy’s full interview video below;

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