Size 8 Says Holy Spirit Showed Her Demon of Poverty In Vincent Mboya’s Family: “Hiyo Ndio Inakulimit”

A video of Pastor Size 8 praying for Vincent Mboya to break the chain of poverty has emerged on social media.

The video shared on Mboya’s YouTube depicted Size 8 revealing certain things which she claimed were shown to her by the Holy Spirit.

The singer said the Lord showed her a vision of the demons of poverty in Mboya’s family.

Mboya it is good you have stopped me to pray for you. God is showing me that there is a demon of poverty in your family. Isn’t? That is why you are poor. I want to pray for you to break that chain and to chase the demons of poverty away from your life so that you can become rich,”

Size 8 Praying For Mboya

Size 8 prays for Mboya’s prosperity Then she prayed for Mboya and asked God to grant him success.

“I have prayed for you and from now you will start making money.”

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