Obinna To Bahati: Go For Mathare MP As An Independent!

Kiss FM presenter, Oga Obinna has advised singer Kevin Bahati not to shun his dreams of becoming the next Mathare MP, by going for it as an independent candidate.

Obinna’s advice comes barely 24-hours since a teary Bahati revealed that he had allegedly been asked to recall his Jubilee Nomination certificate to be the sitting MP of Mathare.

Speaking during a press conference on Monday, 25th April, the ‘Adhiambo’ hitmaker said that after he was handed the MP nominations certificate by the Jubilee party, he was allegedly called by ODM asking him to recall his certificate.


Obinna who is great friends with Bahati said that the singer shouldn’t back down if he has pure intentions for the Mathare people.

“Bahati is my boy, I love him I respect him but it’s like Bahati didn’t see this coming, who saw this coming? I always say all the time I tell the people in the industry, the way the system is set up young people are not going to flourish. Not now,” said Obinna.

Obinna argues that if we elect the current leaders for 10 years and then elect the people below them, it simply means nothing is going to change in the next 20 years.

He went ahead to read an excerpt of how the Azimio coalition has zoned the Nairobi parliamentary seats ahead of the August general elections.

Mathare constituency which is the seat Bahati is gunning for under the Jubilee ticket falls under ODM hence quashing his hopes because he chose the wrong party.

Obinna’s advice to Bahati?

“You are even better off running as an independent.” He added. “Bahati chukua views za YouTube, chukua followers ingia independent if you really love it.”

Kamene agreed with Obinna’s advice and called on Bahati to go the independent way,

“If you are really passionate about it and have your agenda right.’

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