Bald Is Beautiful: Nyota Ndogo Explains Reasons Behind Her Bold Bald New Look

Nyota Ndogo has not only given fans a reason to talk about her new bald look but has also given them a good opportunity to troll her.

However, unlike other female celebrities who are always sensitive – Nyota Ndogo is not afraid of these keyboard warriors.

The coast based singer recently shared a few photos flaunting her bald head and according to her, she shaved it all following the crazy heat wave experienced at the coastal region. Through her gram, the singer made this known on her caption as she wrote;

Nimechoka na nywele mailini nimekata zote mpaka za miguuni tena nimejikwangura na kijembe hii joto hapana.

Nyota Ndogo

With the photos making rounds on social media, there are those who appreciated her for her natural beauty; while the haters couldn’t help but make fun of her to a point of even dragging in Simple Stivo Boy name into the mix.

Telling off the haters, the singer shared a video where she confidently flaunts her looks and to caption the post, she wrote;

Uzuri wa Mwanamke Sio urembo bali tabia…. Usitake kuonja maana utaganda

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