Nyota Ndogo Shares The secrets To Bagging A Mzungu Partner

Kenyan musician Nyota Ndogo, real name Mwanaisha Abdalla has complained about women who are in her inbox asking her to get them a mzungu partner. This is because she is married to one.

Nyota Ndogo took it to her Facebook page to tell her fans where they can find caucasian men/women.

The musician referred the woman to a dating site, she said she knows of people who met on the dating sites and got into marriage.

“Okay sio kwa ubaya watu ni kusaidiana. Nafikiria mmekua mkiona comments za warembo. Watu wanataka kuunganishwa na wazungu. Basi wanawake wanasema live kwa comments. wanaume pia wanakuja inbox wanataka wazungu. So hii site sio ya kupata wazunguu pekee , ipo dunia nzima.

Nyota Ndogo

However, she said that she met her mzungu bae in the USA and not on the dating app. The dating site suggestion was only to help her fans who are interested in having white partners.

“Saizi hata Kenya watu watu wankutanishwa kupitia Radio. Hii haita ni cost kitu. ( These days people are linked up through Radio in Kenya, and this will cost me nothing) Just be careful when you are there. Sharing is caring. although my husband and I met in the USA and not on the site. But there are people who met on the site and are now married,” Nyota Ndogo wrote.

Stories of Nyota Ndogo being dumped by her mzungu bae one time did rounds on social media. Nyota took the internet by storm when she requested her husband to come back to her and unblock her.

According to the musician, she just wanted to be close and on good terms with her husband because of her love for him.

The Watu na Viatu star revealed that it was not about money as money is not everything in life. She advised that the best thing is to find someone who loves you perfectly.

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