‘I Got A D+ In Kiswahili,’ – Wahu Opens Up

Iconic Kenyan star Wahu Kagwe has revealed a part of her past that most celebrities would never fathom speaking about.

Wahu has disclosed that she scores a D+ in Kiswahili which contributed to her final grade for her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

Speaking about this, she posted on her Facebook page saying,

“A piece of completely irrelevant information for you today: I got a D+ in KCSE Kiswahili! Mazé iyo kitu ilinisimbua!! (Man! That grade disturbed me).”

Nameless & Wahu
Nameless & Wahu


“I was bottom three in Swahili in my school. Imagine mpaka my old man chekelead me (Even my dad laughed at me). I can still remember that conversation with Mr. Kagwi…he was was like “Wahu…..D+ gíthweri! (D+ in Kiswahili!) Alafu anacheka! (Then he laughed).”

She continued,

“I’m not sure what traumatized me more…my old man’s kicheko (laughter) or the grade… #tbt #apieceofmypast.”

Nameless Wahu
Nameless Wahu

Some of her followers consoled her, other laughed at the scenaro and shared their stories as well. Check out their takes below.

Michael Khateli:

Don’t feel bad about it, mimi nilipata ‘E’ CRE mzae akaniuliza kama mimi ni shetani (I got an ‘E’ in CRE and my dad asked if i’m satan).

Joy Mghoi:

It’s all good girl! After all it was a complete waste of our time, given the many Swahili versions in Kenya! Anyways yaliyo ndwele sipite.

Lando Movine:

My kids will not set their eyes on my Mathafu (Maths) grade cause I will sue them for invading my Beautiful “D+” what I don’t understand ni vile napiga hesabu na kichwa (Is how now i can make quick calculations with my head.).

Karey Muigana:

That critic laughter is something else. After joining form one, I was position 111, Yet in my primary years I was usually position 1. My dad was like… ‘Ndiramenyerete imwe imwe, riu cioka iri ithatu , Kana hihi maturanira CIA tamu ithatu’ (I was used to only a single one, now they are tripple, or they decided to combine for the three terms) … He made fun of it but he was so encouraging, he knew the culture crush from a rural primary school to an urban like high school has played a role in this. And we finally made it. Thank you Daddy ❣️. Continue resting in peace.

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