Nikita Kering Named Ambassador For Spotify’s Equal Program

RNB singer Nikita Kering’ has been announced as the Equal program ambassador for the month of November by the streaming app, Spotify ahead of the release of her latest EP.

The award-winning musician and songwriter joins a thread of featured female artists from the African continent who have been ambassadors of the program in the past.

Each month, Spotify names an Equal Ambassador to honor game changers across the industry.

Nikita Kering

Singers who get the opportunity to be ambassadors of the program are known to stand out and showcase high levels of confidence, compassion, and, of course, fierceness in their work in the entertainment industry.

The 20-year-old has shown all of this in spades, having established herself in the music industry at a very young age and bringing home several awards.

Other fellow Kenyan female musicians who have previously been named as ambassadors of the program include Muthoni Drummer Queen and Sylvia Ssaru.

While receiving the honor, Kering expressed her gratitude, saying the platform allows her to highlight some of the experiences women go through, in hopes that gender equity can be achieved in the industry.

“I’m so honored to be the Spotify Africa Equal Ambassador for the month of November. Through this platform, we highlight women’s experiences, in hopes that we can achieve gender equity in the music industry,” she said.

Word has it that Nikita who writes her own music started singing when she was 3 years old, and her art has won her several awards including ‘Best RnB and Soul Artist’ and ‘Best Female Artist East Africa’ at the 2021 All Africa Music Awards.

All these awards came after she had won the ‘Best Female Artist in Eastern Africa’ and ‘Revelation of the African Continent’ at the 2019 edition of the awards at the age of 18.

The twenty-year-old released her new and latest song on her channel in the morning hours of Friday, October, 14 to the chain of her other songs.

The Spotify Equal Africa Programme seeks to provide female artists with the support and resources to grow their craft and reach worldwide audiences through multiple playlists.

The beneficiaries also receive off-platform guidance and tools to help take their music careers to even greater heights.

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