Order From Above Caused ‘Toboa Siri’ Segment Hosted By Mbusii To Be suspended

In case you are a fan of ‘Tobia Siri’, a show aired by Mbusii and his co-host Lion, you might have noticed it is no longer airing.

The show gives Kenyans a chance to share their secrets to let off some steam. Mbusii and his co-host have now revealed the real reason behind the suspension.

“The National Government asked us to suspend the show. There was a ‘secret’ by a caller that put us in trouble. The show is being reviewed. We will just put them in the achieve as we wait for the government’s decision.”

Mbusii Na Lion

Lion, who is Mbusii’s co-host shared;

“I had warned you that this would land you in trouble or make the show get closed.”

In an interview with Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o, Mbusi stated that he was approached by the RMS station while he was working at Ghetto Radio.

He however turned down the offer only to get a job with Radio Jambo later.

“Others told me to join Radio Citizen as it was the best decision to make then. I was confused. I sat down and meditated and declined to join the RMS station,” Mbusi disclosed how his friends’ advice influenced his decision.

However, a few months later, he received a call from Shaffie Weru – then working at Radio Africa Group – who asked him to join Radio Jambo.

“I actually thought I was joining Kiss FM. I asked presenter Bonoko to go with me but he declined. My co-host Liondee did and we have built a brand together at Radio Jambo,” Mbusi stated.

The two host the reggae show Mbusii Na Lion Teke Teke from 3 pm to 7 pm.

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