My Friends Don’t Even Know Where I Stay-Huddah

Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe, says she no longer has female friends after one drugged her.

The laid-back damsel says she used to host her girlfriends but not anymore, She says that incident made it hard for her to trust people.

Through her Insta stories, she shared,

”I used to be the girl with almost 20 girls in my house daily drinking or chewing khat. Doing drugs. They all betrayed me & some even drugged me! I’m very scared of trusting anyone to that level.

My friends don’t even know where I stay. I don’t invite anyone into my house and I rarely go to people’s houses even coz I’m scared of letting anyone that close.”


Huddah says she is grateful to the people who love and follow her without judging her for not over-sharing despite her fame.

“I love y’all for supporting me despite looking like I’m too closed in. People might think I’m proud but I’m not. I have social anxiety. It scares me to even plan a date with friends… Or a link-up. You can tell by how I don’t do video talks.”

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