Mishi Dorah In Court For Failing To Pay Sh150,000 Golden Bistro Bill

Diana Clara Ojenge aka Mishi Dorah, the former Nairobi Diaries actress was yesterday charged at the Kibera law courts for obtaining Sh152,550 credit by false pretenses.

Mishi is alleged to have dined and drank expensive liquor Golden Ice Bistro at Nextgen Mall in South C on the night of May 26 and the morning of May 27.

According to court records, Diana is accused of ordering;

-2 chicken breasts valued at Sh3,000.

-1 cocktail drink valued at Sh2,000.

-2 bottles of 300ml coke valued at Sh500.

-1 litre bottle of mineral water valued at Sh400..

-3 bottles of Redbull energy drink valued at Sh1,650.

-6 bottles of Belaire Luxe 750ml valued at Sh75,000

-7 Hennessy VS 750ml valued at Sh70,000

Mishi Dora

Mishi allegedly took the items with a group of friends she was partying with by falsely pretending that she would pay, something the court was told was false.

But Mishi denied the allegations and pleaded for lenient bail and bond term.

Principal magistrate Monicah Maroro and put the cash bail at Sh50,000 and an alternative bond of Sh100,000 with a surety of a like sum.


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In her defense, the socialite said that her bank card was the cause of her problems and that’s why she was unable to pay.

Mishi said that she had then asked the establishment to take her home to she could get some money to pay the bill.

Two Golden Bistro employees then escorted her to her house. Mishi then asked the management to give her until Monday this week to settle the bill but she stopped picking up phone calls from them.

That was when the management reported her to the police who then traced her and arrested her.

This case against Mishi comes a month after she flaunted a massive Sh 204k bill that she spent at Black Stars lounge.

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