Makena Njeri Calls Out African Parents For Resisting LGBTQ Community

Bold Network Africa Founder Makena Njeri has strongly hit out at parents who are against the LGBTQ community.

In a Q & A session on her Instagram page, the LGBTQ activist highlighted reasons she thinks have made African parents to be against the community.

Makena said the main reason is the environment most of them were brought up in and being too lenient on religion and its idealogies.

Makena Njeri

“I think it’s a mixture of many things; how they were brought up, the brainwashing that religion has done to their generation, ignorance and lack of education around the queer community,” she said.

Makena noted that as much as little can be done, it is important to keep pushing, never give up and slowly educate them about the community.

“How to solve it. Do not give up! I know it’s hard but educate them slowly. Understand that their journey and your journey are different then go ahead and live your life,” she added.

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