70% Of Nairobians Can’t Afford To Bathe Due To Lack Of Water – Sakaja

Outgoing Nairobi Senator and United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate for Nairobi governorship Johnson Sakaja has alleged that 70 per cent of Nairobians are unable to take bath due to lack of water.sakaja

Sakaja who spoke on Monday, July 11, 2022, during the gubernatorial debate for Nairobi said that the major challenge facing the capital is the distribution issue.

“We must sort out the distribution issue because water goes hand in hand with housing. We have so many areas that do not have piping, I’ve never heard of piping in Nairobi. The use of water browsers moving around the city will come to an end,” he said.


“Nairobi has four water sources. The first water source is Kikuyu springs which was set up in 1907 and provide one per cent. After that, we developed Tururu dam which provides four per cent. The third one is Sasumwa which provides 11 per cent and the fourth one is Ndakaini Dam which provides 84 per cent of water used in Nairobi.

“Every single day the people of Nairobi require 850 million litres of water but get 525.6 million litres of water. We need to bridge that gap. You’ll be shocked that 70 per cent of Nairobians have never had a shower from the top,” Sakaja added.

The two, Sakaja and Igathe, will face seven other candidates in the August 9 polls including Kenneth Nyamwamu (UPA), Independent candidates Esther Thairu and Agnes Kagure, Denis Kodhe (LDP), Nancy Mwadime (Usawa Kwa Wote) and Safina’s Herman Grewal.

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