KSM Reveals That He Has Problems With The Bible (Video)

Veteran Ghanaian media personality, author, and comedian Kwaku Sintim-Misa, popularly known as KSM has turned heads across social media platforms by making claims over the efficacy of the holy books.

During an interview session with celebrity blogger, Nkonkonsa, the King of Ghana Comedy indicated that the bible has too many contradictions of which he has a problem with.

“I have a problem with the Bible because it has so many contradictions,” KSM said.

In an attempt to back his utterances, the comedian indicated that the bible emphasizes that God is omniscient  so why would the same book also claim that God had to test Abraham to prove his loyalty.

In his opinion, God should have known that Abraham was not going to sacrifice Isaac in the first place.

He also added that, the people who wrote the Bible did so using human understanding therefore they attributed human qualities to God.



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