Social Media Trolls Sewaa Amihere As She Is Spotted Sleeping With Makeup On

In a video making rounds on social media, GHOne TV Presenter, Serwaa Amihere is spotted taking a nap with her makeup on.

This has since created a division among her fans with some believing she even puts on make up while sleeping.

Others also opined that Serwaa still had her makeup on her face; an indication that she had just closed from work.

She looked tired, and this has been observed by many of her fans who commented on the photo.

Akorfa, for instance, wondered if everything was okay with Serwaa: akorfa_xx:

“Is everything okay with her? She looks tired.”

Jemi wrote in the Aka language that Serwaa was tired:


“Oh girls abr3.”

Asare and Kaye called Serwaa “sleeping beauty”:


“Beautiful sleep.”


“Sleeping beauty.”

Watch the video below:


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